Easy fresh peach ice cream

Nothing says summer like fresh peaches! Here’s a recipe for easy Fresh Peach Ice Cream. All you need is some fresh, ripe peaches, a variable-speed blender and a countertop electric

Valentine’s Day heart cake

This Valentine’s Day heart cake is fantastic on its own. It really pops when you serve it on a pool of raspberry-Ancho chile sauce. This cake doesn’t use flour, so

Espresso Cookies for the coffee lover

Espresso cookies came about after I made cappuccino ice cream and wanted just the right cookie to make ice cream sandwiches. I tried a couple of recipes and didn’t get

Blueberry French Toast Squares

Blueberry French toast squares is another great breakfast or brunch dish to make ahead of time, bake, cut and serve, leaving you time with your guests. This makes 8 generous

Pumpkin Pancakes with Ginger Butter

Pumpkin pancakes with ginger butter are a great breakfast, especially in the fall. Make the ginger butter ahead of time so the flavors have time to blend. Use a small

Cheese Souffle with Raspberry-Ancho Sauce

Cheese souffle with raspberry-ancho sauce is one of our guest favorites. The cheese souffle is made in individual dishes and is much easier to make than you might think–it’s made

Strawberry Soup

Strawberry soup is one of our new summer favorites at the Bottger Mansion, and the recipe is shared by the Lookout Pointe Lakeside Inn in Hot Springs, Arkansas. While you may be tempted to leave out the peach schnapps, we’ve found that it adds a depth of flavor and richness you won’t believe. It’s so easy and great to make ahead for a summer brunch.

Croissant French Toast a l’Orange

Croissant French Toast a l’Orange is really special, and this recipe is so easy–make ahead, bake and serve. It’s great for a special brunch or holiday breakfast and allows you