Celebrate National Pizza Pie Day on February 9th!

Celebrate National Pizza Pie Day on February 9th! I love pizza as much as the next person. Maybe more. But others make much better pizza than I do, so I’ll go out for pizza on National Pizza Pie Day. We have three favorite pizza places nearby–Golden Crown Panaderia, Old Town Pizza Parlor, and Farina Pizzeria. They’re all great and slightly different.

Golden Crown Panaderia makes a thick crust pizza with lots of topping options. While you can get a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and Canadian bacon, you should also try the blue cornmeal crust pizza with green chile and sausage or pepperoni.

Old Town Pizza Parlor also makes a thicker crust pizza, and the dough is just a little sweeter, making for a different and interesting flavor. Build your own pizza by choosing among four different sauces and lots of topping ingredients. The lunch buffet is served daily from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., so you can sample a little of everything–salads, pasta, and different sauces as well as pizza by the slice. They now offer a gluten-free pizza as well.

Farina Pizzeria is European-style, very thin crust, baked at a very high temperature, with Italian toppings. My favorite is the pizza funghi with mushrooms, fontina, tallegio, mozzarella, thyme and shallot. Pair that pizza with a lovely salad and maybe even an appetizer of fabulous roasted olives, and you’re all set!

Pizza for everyone!