UNM campus map for the Bernard Rodey Room

This UNM campus map from 1939 is now in the Rodey Room at the Bottger Mansion B&B. A couple of years ago I attended Pattin Auction and bought this really great “Campus Compass” map of the University of New Mexico.

I’m sorry you can’t see more of the detail, because it’s really amazing.  What made me so excited, however, was because it was designed and drawn by “L. Huning.”  That would have been Lena Huning, the granddaughter of Franz Huning, for whom one of our rooms is named.  Also, the map shows a number of the buildings at UNM designed by Edward Buxton Cristy, the architect who designed the Bottger Mansion of Old Town in 1910, and for whom we named a room.

This has been re-framed and hangs in the Bernard Rodey Room.  He was a legislator who in 1889 was responsible for getting the legislation passed which created the University of New Mexico and sited it in Albuquerque.

So many connections on so many levels!

I’m having fun–come on along!