inexpensive LED candles to make

Sometimes you just want to make something easy and fun. I made these inexpensive LED candles in five minutes. Pretty much the only thing to buy would be the little votive LED candle, which you can get at Walmart. These would be great for inexpensive table decorations, put them in your windows or wherever else you might want a candle. These are safe for small children and in places where a real candle might not be a good idea.

what you’ll need

1 sheet of card stock or other heavy decorative paper
empty water bottle
LED votive candle
glue or tape

Cut the neck off the water bottle to the height you would like your candle to be, minus an inch or two. Wrap the card stock around the bottle and tape or glue the overlap. Set the water bottle bottom up; slide the card stock tube over it.

Cut the card stock off the top, depending on how much you want the candle flame to show above the top. You can cut it off straight across or cut it with a dip to look like a partially melted candle on one side.

Turn on the LED light–voila! You have a candle.