the disappearing office

Here’s a photo of our office, which is being transformed to an extension of the dining room. Take a good look–you’re one of the few people who have ever seen the inside of our office, and it’s never been this neat before.  We have an office downstairs and have decided to expand the dining room at the Bottger Mansion of Old Town by combining the two offices into one.

The challenge has been to take all those things that currently reside in the office–phone, computer, music system, wireless router, printer, etc.–and figure out where to relocate all that stuff.  We’re nearly done with that.

The desk has been sold.  The tables and chairs we ordered from Kay’s Stools and Dinettes have arrived and are being held until we’re ready for them.  (Great people to work with!)  New table linens have been ordered.  The whole area has been scrubbed and we’re re-painting.  The gate and curtains will stay up until that’s finished, to keep the work-in-progress out of sight.

Stay tuned for photos of the new dining room expansion!

I’m having fun–come on along!


Bottger Mansion of Old Town
historic Bed & Breakfast
110 San Felipe Street NW
Albuquerque, NM   87104