F-R-O-G jam–everything has a story

Some friends of our daughter from high school stayed with us in Albuquerque for a night on their whirlwind trip across Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles.  With their grandmother Eleanor, they had started in Chicago and worked their way west.

They stopped at the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas to have a meal and brought us several gifts:  a lovely apple pie and some F-R-O-G jam.  When serving F-R-O-G jam, it requires a story about what it is and where it came from.  It’s fig, raspberry, orange and ginger jam, and it is quite good.  Then, of course, we tell the story about our daughter’s friends and their trip across Route 66.  That’s good for a 10-minute conversation right there.

As I always say, everything has a story.

I’m having fun–come on along!