Great finds for our Route 66 Room

I’ve been collecting Route 66 items and vintage memorabilia for our new Route 66 Room.  I finally gathered enough items to replace the silk flowers and fill up the space with the goodies I found.

Look!  A Radio Flyer wagon, old suitcases, tins from Cracker Jacks and Nabisco saltines, a Pepsi bottle from 1954, oil cans, and a Chinese checker board from the 1950’s, which is actually made of cardboard and in a wooden frame, not pressed metal like the ones made later.  I figured that anything that looked like what I had or saw when I was a kid would probably fit right in.  My neighbor’s friend saw the little makeup case and exclaimed, “My mother had one just like that!”

I had been looking for a Radio Flyer wagon for months.  I told the cashier that I was so happy I had finally found one.

“You should have been in here last week–we had a really nice one,” he said.

“Oh, no,” I explained.  “I need one that’s all beat up and has some age on it.  I want it to look like one that kids had when I was young.” 

The room is coming together so well.  All of the historic Route 66 photographs are in silver frames reminiscent of the chrome on old cars.  The next step is to paint the woodwork white and the walls a light blue, several shades lighter than the walls of the sitting room that looks out on Route 66 in Albuquerque.

Come get some kicks on Route 66!

I’m having fun–come on along!