night out in Austin at the conference

After today’s speakers and sessions, we were treated to a night out in Austin.  Since our hotel is about 18 miles away from the center of the city, they bused us downtown.

First we stopped at the offices of, where we they had washtubs full of ice and beer or raspberry margaritas for us non-beer-drinkers.  Actually, that was my second margarita of the day, and I determined I’d better stop after that last one.  Otherwise, I’d end up sacked out on the table somewhere and not be able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Four of us opted to walk down to the river and across to Long Center.  Did I mention it was a balmy, beautiful, clear day in Austin, the first since we’ve been here?  This morning the rain had stopped, the fog dried up, the grass is green, the landscaping is lush, the birds are singing…

On the way we took a turn through the lobby area of the historic Driskill Hotel.  It’s a fabulous place with dark wainscot paneling and pressed panels on the ceiling.  The ceilings at our place are pressed tin, but those at the Driskill appear to be copper.  I’d like to come back some day and either stay there or get a more in-depth look at the place.  But I just have to show you the miniature Victorian furniture they had in a part of the lobby area.  This photo is a little dark, but you can see the miniature chaise and perhaps behind it the burgundy diamond-tufted chair.  So you can get an idea of the scale, the back of the chair couldn’t have been any taller than about a foot and a half.  We wondered if these were custom made pieces for someone’s little daughter or if they were a salesman’s samples.  Either way, they were very cute.

Across the river, dinner awaited at Long Center and our party on the patio.  It was a very nice spread with brisket, sausage, and chicken, and all the accompanying beans, cole slaw, etc.  A pretty good Texas band played (with a name something like “Dave Easley and the Careless Smokers”), with a lead singer who was trying hard–and doing pretty well–at sounding like Willie Nelson.  Some couples were dancing and we even took a turn or two around the floor.  But…the floor was concrete, we were both wearing sandals, and we’re not as young as we used to be.  We may be regretting that dancing in the morning.

I’m having fun–come on along!


Bottger Mansion of Old Town
historic bed & breakfast
110 San Felipe Street NW
Albuquerque, NM   87104