mural progress after Valentine’s Day

The mural artists (“Airbrushing by Sandy“) have completed their work and moved on to the next job.  It is absolutely gorgeous and completely changes the look of the stairwell.

You know how it is when you drastically change something, and it’s so much better and so delightful that you just keep going to look at it?  That’s how this is.

Since Sandy and Judy left, I worked for 12 hours last Friday on the rest of the pink paint on the ceiling and walls at the upper end of the stairwell where they didn’t do any painting.  The remainder of the day was spent preparing, priming and painting one coat of white on the trim and molding.  What a difference!  It now looks so crisp and clean, and it’s a cohesive color scheme instead of mint green walls, dark rose carpet and plum-colored trim.  And with the lighter pink walls and white trim, the light really bounces around in there, lightening up the entire area.  I have to put the final coat of white on the trim since it’s still a bit streaky with some of the plum color. 

Today, I hope to be able to put the second coat of white on the trim and finish it so Steve can put the switch back in and I can put my vacuum cleaner and tools back in the closet.  Then the real chore begins, because I have five doors to paint–the door at the top of the stairs, a little access door to some plumbing, the original door from the kitchen to the cellar, the laundry room door (louvered, no less) and the door to the Wine Cellar Suite.

I have lots more ideas for improvements.  My trouble now is that I have far more ideas than time, but it will get done eventually.  My goal for the six years we’ve been here is “improve one thing every day.”  I’ve stuck to that nearly every single day, and now there’s not a room in this house where I can’t point to multiple things and see what’s improved.

I’m having fun–come on along!