stairwell in need of improvement

This stairwell has needed updating so badly, I don’t really want to show the “before” pictures, but here they are.  The walls were mint green, the trim is a light plum color, and the light fixtures didn’t put out nearly enough light.

So far we’ve put in new light fixtures at both the top and bottom of the stairs, which has added a lot more light.  Most of the stairwell now has two coats of a pale pink paint.

Our mural artists are now here and are busy at work painting some grapes and grapevines, faux arched windows, and lots of other details. 

The rest of what we’ll do has to wait until after they’re finished.  We had to finish the part where they would be working, and the rest we can do later.

Once they’re done, we’ll finish painting the rest of the stairwell, paint the trim a glossy white, install a light box fixture, and install rope lighting in a track along the top of the steps.

I have to admit that even if we only painted the walls and installed the new light fixtures, it would be a thousand percent improvement, but the painting they’re doing will take this stairwell from nice to extraordinary. 

I’m having fun–come on along!