I was right–the coolest thing was the Photo Booth!

When I looked at the list of vendors before the NM Wedding Expo, I saw the Albuquerque Photo Booth and went to their website.  It’s such a great idea, and I was looking forward to visiting them at the wedding show.  In my previous blog post, I was betting it would be the coolest thing at the wedding show.

And it was!  I just had a short time away from my own booth duty to visit the other vendors, but I waited in line to have my photo taken at the Photo Booth (and the line just kept going all afternoon).  While I was in line, I grabbed some “props” (a little “tux” display box and some wacky glasses).  Here’s the result, and it’s now on my bulletin board, right next to our pictures from the ones from the innkeepers’ conference at Disneyland.  (The photo quality is good–this is my scanned copy.)

Greg DeLelles and his associates running the booth, all in tuxes, were having a great time, and everyone coming out of the booth was smiling or laughing.  What a great business to be in, where people are happy about what you do.

The Albuquerque Photo Booth–and it’s not just for weddings!