Valle del Bosque Open Space walking route

On Friday we took a walk at the Valle del Bosque Open Space and enjoyed a sunny and fairly warm jaunt in an area new to us.

It’s located just south of Central Avenue and Sunset Road.  The map showed the parking lot access from Neetsie Drive.  For some reason that gate was closed, and we drove to the cul-de-sac at the end of Neetsie Drive to turn around.

On the way there, I glanced over and saw a fenced yard in which a number of large dogs were running to the front door of the house.

“Those are some really big dogs,” I thought.  “Wait, they have horns.  Those aren’t dogs.  Well, some of them are.  Some are goats.”  We laughed as we passed the house again on the way back and saw the dogs, goats and chickens all gathering around the door of the house.  Obviously it was feeding time and they were waiting for someone to come out!

We entered the parking lot through the second gate on Sunset Road, and took our walk around the park and the open space.  It’s a nice park with Little League fields and covered picnic pavilions.  The trail goes along the acequia (irrigation canal).  For a few minutes we talked with a worker, who told us the City is building seven pedestrian bridges over the acequia to connect the trail to the open space along the bosque next to the Rio Grande River.

We walked for a short time on the trail next to the acequia and saw a flicker and heard some birds whose calls we don’t hear in our neighborhood.  It’s amazing how quiet it gets when you get just a short distance away from Central Avenue.

You can look for other walking routes on the website for the Albuquerque Prescription Trails Project.