historic research–answers lead to more questions

So here I am doing all this research on the Bottgers, and yesterday
Raymond Ortiz and his family came for a visit.  Raymond is Charles
Bottger’s great-great-grandson.  He and his wife were dropping off his
son (Zachary Ortiz, a recurring family name) and daughter-in-law at the airport and had a little extra time, so
they decided to stop by and look at the old family mansion.  I was
thrilled to talk to him about some of the documents I had found.  There
was some information I had found out that he didn’t know, and he was
able to verify one of the family stories about his great-grandmother
Dorothy Bottger Ortiz.

At this point it seems that for every
piece of information I get, it spurs three more questions.  Right now
the questions I need to answer are:

Who was Max Stein, Jr.?  When
was he born (married in 1948 at what age?)?  Was he a descendant of
Miguela Bottger’s first husband, Max Stein?  If so, who was his mother
(not Miguela)?

Who was the Julia Bottger listed as having died in
Albuquerque in 1909?  Had Charles Bottger’s mother come to live here?
His sister?  It was not his daughter Julia L. Bottger, because she had
gotten married in 1920 and lived to have six children and 24

Was Thomas D. Post Miguela’s father or her stepfather?  He married a
widow, Gertrudes Garcia, who had one daughter.  Was that Miguela?  If
so, who was her father?

The search for the true story continues.