ABQ Trolley of Terror–a Halloween experience in Albuquerque

On Friday night we took the “Trolley of Terror,” a special tour for the Halloween season by ABQ Trolley and Tours of Old Town.  It’s 90 minutes of fun and haunted history, taking a special route through Albuquerque to highlight some of the haunted locations around town. 

Riders participate in the fun by dressing in costume for the trip and answering Halloween or Albuquerque trivia questions to compete for prizes–there are some really nice prizes being given away, and everyone goes home with a goody bag.  An 8-year-old Power Ranger won the costume contest on our tour.  “Boom-Boom” more than filled out “her” sweater and had an interesting wig, but I think the mustache detracted a bit from the outfit!

Some of the locations on the tour included the Old Bernalillo County Courthouse, the Manuela Hernandez House in Martineztown, the Yale Cemetery (the oldest in Albuquerque), the Press Club and Memorial Hospital, a special stop inside the Albuquerque Railyard, and the Kimo Theater.  There are 16 locations along the way, each with its own ghost story, as well as some unexpected spooky surprises.

Be prepared to learn some new vocabulary along the way, such as “house of negotiated affection” (wasn’t practically every old house a brothel at one time or another?) and “pile erection” (when the hair on your neck stands up.

The tour is rated PG, but overall it’s good, clean family fun–a real treat for Halloween.  No tricks!

P.S.  Another option is the Ghost Tour of Old Town.  It’s a really popular event at this time of year; tours are held every night at 8:00 p.m. and reservations are needed in advance.  The Ghost Tour will continue into November this year.

I’m having fun–come on along!


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