pardon me, boy–is this the ABQ Trolley?

What could be finer on a late summer afternoon or evening than riding the ABQ Trolley around Albuquerque?  That’s what most of the Albuquerque bed & breakfast owners did, along with a few guests and family members.

I’m sure you’ve known those perfect summer evenings when the temperature was just right, a gentle breeze was blowing, and everyone was having a wonderful time.  Diners were sitting outside some of the restaurants we passed (“let’s give a shout out to the folks at Kelly’s!”)

Even innkeepers can learn some new things about their own city, and Mike and Jesse gave a superb tour of Albuquerque, taking us into some areas and streets not frequented by the average tourist.  Among the many great things we saw were the neon lights on Central Avenue (Route 66), some vintage cars that looked right at home, many historic buildings, the University of New Mexico, the two amazing houses on Girard Avenue built by world-famous Albuquerque architect Bart Prince, the new “old” castle built by Gertrude Zachary, the Railrunner trains in the rail yard lit by spotlights, the Barelas District…   too much to name here!

They also regaled us with some stories about their own experiences operating the ABQ Trolley, which has been running since May of this year.  The story I liked best was the wedding party that booked the Trolley as their ride all the way to the Audubon garden in Santa Fe for their wedding, complete with a mariachi band in the back seats!  What a hoot!

We even shouted the official UNM Lobo cheer:  after someone calls out “Everyone’s a Lobo!” everyone shouts “woof, woof, woof” and howls “ah-ooooooooooooooo…” with appropriate hand gestures, of course.  That would be raising your hand in the air with fingers spread and curling the middle two fingers down with each “woof!”

Taking the ABQ Trolley tour of Albuquerque is a great way to get an idea of the many things to do and see in “Duke City.”  It certainly lives up to their slogan:  “The best first thing to do in Albuquerque.”

I’m having fun–come on along! 


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