another great block party in Old Town Albuquerque

The block parties in Old Town just keep getting better.  Tonight’s was the Hat Party on South San Felipe Street.

The line-up started with some song and dance numbers by Sophisticated Ladies, whose ages range from 56 to 80+.

Next up was Zoltan Orkestar. It’s hard to describe their music genre, sort of a mix of soft rock, oldies and blues.

The Mirandas performed for about 10 minutes in their brightly colored satin dresses and headdresses complete with artificial fruit, a la Carmen Miranda  Their dance numbers weren’t complicated, but they danced with great enthusiasm and were having a wonderful time.

The final act was Cadillac Bob and the Rhinestones, who did some great soft rock oldies.

Although the temperature was nearly 100 degrees when the party started, the cloud cover blocked the sun and a nice breeze picked up.  At one point there was probably more than 300 people there, a really terrific turnout.  I recognized a lot of neighbors from the Old Town area and talked to a few of them.  It really was a community event, the kind of gathering that just makes us feel good to live here and be a part of it.

I had a great time watching two little kids running and dancing.  They didn’t know each other but soon became friends.  The little girl reminded me of our daughter at that age, and the boy was the spitting image of Opie (Ronnie Howard when he was little on The Andy Griffith Show).

Of course, what would a hat party be without funny hats?  Chad and Jody from the Old Town Emporium modeled a couple of their selections, a sun visor complete with hair for the hair-challenged, and a moose hat.


The next block party is Jazz Night on Friday, July 24th, 6-9:00 p.m. on South Romero Street in Old Town.  Entertainers will be Tommy Gearhart, Cathy McGill and Hillary Smith.