“Lavender in the Village” Festival 2009 in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

The “Lavender in the Village” Festival reminds me of the small-town festivals we used to attend in New Hampshire, like the Strawberry Festival in Hollis or the Sheep Festival in New Boston.  While there were lots of people there, it was obvious that many of them live in Los Ranchos as neighbors and friends greeted each other.

The festival is hosted by the Los Poblanos Inn and takes place on their lovely estate.  It centers around the lavender fields and their many lavender products, like soaps, lotions, and even lavender honey.  Visitors can go out into the field and cut lavender.  They don’t charge by the bunch of lavender–they “rent” you the scissors!  Booths included all sorts of agriculture and wildlife interests, like the Wildlife Alliance, soil conservation, and a goat farmer selling all kinds of goat cheeses and goat milk products.  They had also brought four small goats in a petting pen.

The 4-H kids were also present with their Chinese crested chickens, baby turkeys, and rabbits.  One kid’s exhibit chicken (with a really long breed name that I promptly forgot) regularly perches on his head.


While I was there, a great bluegrass band was playing in the apple orchard.  Thank goodness there are LOTS of trees there, because July can be hot here, and it was already fairly warm by 11:00 a.m.  Of course, there were booths that sold cold drinks and food, and even a gelato vendor was there doing a great business.

Most of the grounds were open to visitors to the festival.  I hadn’t been on the north end of the property before and seen the lovely pond surrounded by some willow trees and filled with huge water flowers–I’m not sure, but they look like lotus.

It was a really lovely local festival and worth going and spending some time.   I look forward to the Seventh Annual Festival next year.