party like it’s Old Town!

City of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Department is scheduling
entertainment in Old Town on the “block party” concept this year, with
different performers and themes in the various patios and courtyards
throughout Old Town.

Friday’s entertainment was western music in
the small parking lot at the north end of Romero Street.  It was one of
those perfect evenings, warm but not too hot, cloudy so the sun wasn’t
too intense and it created a lovely sunset.  By the time we arrived,
the first band had already performed and left, and the band playing was
called “Westwind.”

really is a community event, so we saw a few friends and neighbors we
know.  Even the mayor showed up for a while, looking casual in his
green shirt rather than his normal business suit. Mayor Martin Chavez
is a good guy and has done lots of great things for Albuquerque.

The final performer was R. W. Hampton,
who is a nationally known western singer.  He lives up in Cimarron but
travels all over the country to perform.  He had arrived that day from
Oklahoma and was on his way to Wyoming the next day.  His voice was so
mellow and so quintessentially cowboy…

picture doesn’t do justice to the beautiful sunset.  You can see the
pink clouds, but it was much more vibrant than what appears here.

come in all sizes and ages.  I snapped the photo of this little guy
just as he was turning.  I would have tried another shot, but he turned
around, then got down and took off.  I found out later he’s R. W.
Hampton’s son.  He sat in the second row aiming a pop-gun at his dad.