hot air balloon over the Bottger Mansion of Old Town

This morning was absolutely gorgeous as I was walking to work.  In the sky to the north were several hot air balloons, one so close that it was going to pass right overhead.  I whipped out my phone and took several photos.  This is what that particular balloon looked like as it was directly above me.

They were so low that I thought they were going to land on the golf course of the Albuquerque Country Club across the street.  A man was looking out over the edge of the basket and when I waved, he waved back.

They drifted south and went out of sight.  But a few minutes later they were farther away, high in the sky again, heading off into the distance.

Some guests who stay with us want to take a hot air balloon ride but are not terribly thrilled to find out how early in the morning they have to get up.  Hot air rises, but the surrounding air has to be cold enough to enable the balloon to rise.  And with the winds here being typically very still early in the morning, the conditions are perfect for hot air ballooning.

Dozens of hot air balloons in the sky is an incredible, unforgettable sight.  There’s a reason that nearly a million people attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta each October.