the Corrales Quilt and Wine Fair 2009

Occasionally we have a little time to attend one of the many fairs and festivals in the area.  On Saturday we were able to attend the 2009 Corrales Quilt and Wine Fair.

I’m not a big fan of wine, so that wasn’t much of a draw for me.  I think we tasted maybe three or four of the wines.

We did enjoy the quilt show, which was held in a separate tent.  As innkeepers, we’re very sensitive to spills on linens, so we appreciated the big signs at the entrance to the tent–“No food or beverages in the quilt tent!”

You can click on any of these photos for a full-size view.  These little wall hangings were three-dimensional, with layers of texture and beading.  So was the arm that managed to point up just as I snapped the photo!

It always seems that the ones that catch my eye are the ones with bright colors and bold designs.


I really like this quilt of an old Dodge truck heading off into the New Mexico landscape.


When I took the picture of this 3D blocks quilt, there was another perspective that I didn’t even see until I looked at the photo.  This is one that you have to step back to see the design “pop” out at you.  In most of these quilts, the fabric is flat.  In 3D perspective quilts (as opposed to the actual three-dimensional quilts with details that are shaped and have several layers of fabric or texture), the 3D look is achieved in the shape of the pieces and the use of light and dark fabrics to create “sides” and shadows.

There weren’t that many people there when we arrived, but it was early on the first day.  I’m sure it got quite busy later on.