find nearly anything at the Expo flea market

A surprising number of guests ask us about the flea market that operates on Saturdays and Sundays at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds (Expo New Mexico).  Until now, my
answer has been, “I understand it’s a good one but I’ve never been there.”  On Sunday we had some time in the morning and decided to go.

 You can find nearly anything there, from shoes to sunglasses, jewelry, pottery, toys…  Some of the sellers had all the same thing; obviously they go around and buy out the inventory of stores that are closing or their overstock.  Shoes seemed to be a popular item.  Some of it was obviously yard sale kind of stuff.  Glassware, dishes, socks, little girls’ communion and party dresses, you name it.

One enterprising man had an entire fruit and vegetable area.  I kind of wonder where he gets his produce.  It’s a long time until the season for watermelon, but he had them.  Unless he was driving all the way up from South America somewhere, where it’s the end of their summer, where is he getting it?

And then there’s my favorite sight–a row of mannequins from the waist down, displaying jeans for sale, with their perky little backsides pointed toward people passing by.  I know or see very few women these days who can fit into jeans that size.

Now we’ve been to the flea market.  I’m not the garage sale or flea market type, and I didn’t see anything there that I absolutely had to have.

But if you’re one of those who just loves a good garage sale, this is the place for you.