a lovely drop-leaf table is now ours

Can you believe we bought this lovely table for only $50?

was Pattin Auction day (every other Sunday) and we have been looking
for a small table to hold a printer.  The printer would be tucked into
a corner of the parlor, so it had to be something appropriate, not
modern or glass.  We’ve been trying to find a way for guests to check
their email, print boarding passes and maybe cruise the web a little.

found a charming little child’s school desk for the printer.  While we
were there, we also found this great drop-leaf table.  One of our rooms
has a private sitting room, and we needed a place for business
travelers to work in private.  Voila!  Of course, it didn’t look like
this when we bought it, but I cleaned it up with Murphy’s Oil Soap,
used a little Old English dark wood scratch remover, and polished it
with Scott’s Liquid Gold.

As for the really good price,
there’s some reward in being patient.  Another drop-leaf table pretty
much like this one went for $120 earlier in the auction, but after 3
1/2 hours a lot of the buyers had gotten tired and left.  The last time
I went to the auction, I noticed that as people left and the auctioneer
got tired, the bidding started lower, went faster, and there weren’t as
many people bidding.

Of course, the Italian Victorian bicycle
poster I wanted got sold somehow when I wasn’t looking.  Dang.  That’s
what I get for going to get that hot dog.