success at the auction on Sunday

Sunday felt like a marathon–up early to make and serve breakfast
for eight people, and arrive at the auction by 10

Let me tell you, it was a long day.  The auction started
promptly at 10:00 a.m. and went for a solid four hours.  I don’t know
how he did it, but the auctioneer was really good, really fast, and he
never took a break the entire time.  He also never lost his voice,
which was pretty amazing.  Of course, the items we wanted were spaced
out over the entire four hours.  Steve had to leave after about two
hours because of the dust, and I soldiered on.

the big piece that we really wanted came up early.  We got it for just about our top limit.  Somehow I managed not to get a photo of that, so we’ll save that for
when we remodel that room and install the piece.

After that, we were able to relax a bit and just watch out for the
other items.  We let a couple of items slip by as the bidding went
higher than we were willing to go.  I’ll regret some of those.  But
since we passed on several items, we were able to spend a little more
on a lovely light fixture for the dining room.  This photo doesn’t do
it justice.  It’s solid brass filigree and the globes are etched glass.

Another purchase was a small iron table base for which we’ll have to have a small round marble top cut.  It will be a perfect little table by the front entry where we
keep our business cards and brochures.

My final win for the day was a brass magazine rack.  Here it is
installed in our front entry, holding the newspaper.  It’s both more
functional and classier than the rack we previously had there.