Friday at the Fiery Foods Show 2009

A friend gave us some passes for the Fiery Foods Show here in Albuquerque.  If you’re into hot sauce, barbecue, rubs, and all that, this is the place the last weekend of February each year.

We wanted to go because we’re looking for a supplier for red chile jam, which we use in several recipes, and it’s also great on biscuits.

We were hoping to find a New Mexico supplier that uses our own New Mexico #6 chilies.  We tasted all of the jams at the show.  The best jam we found was from Mick’s from Yakima, Washington.  We came home with a case of that to try in our recipes and also to sell.  Whenever we serve it at breakfast, invariably someone wants to buy a jar of it.

We also purchased a case of books:  Red or Green.  Not only do the recipes look great for very traditional New Mexican dishes, they also explain what the ingredients are and how to use them.  That would be important for people from other places.

The most interesting thing I saw was a barbecue grill shaped like a big pink pig from Woodfield’s Patio & Hearth Co.

See all those people at the show?  That wasn’t us.  We were able to go during the business-only time, which means there are far fewer crowds.   Sometimes it’s good being a business, especially when it means I can go to Plant World, which is wholesale only.