soaking away cares at Ojo Caliente

After the Holiday Stroll on Friday, we took two much-needed days off
and stayed in Santa Fe.  On Sunday I had booked an hour in a private
pool at Ojo Caliente.
A new friend had given me a gift certificate.  Thanks,



It’s the slow time of the year for them as well, and hardly anyone else was around.  We had one
of the Cliffside pools and the back was open to the view of the cliff.
It was unseasonably warm (61 degrees on December 7th!),
with no wind, so it was just delightful.  It’s like being in a
wonderful hot tub, not too warm, not too cool.


The cliffside pool units even have kiva fireplaces and a little shelter with a
latilla roof. 

We just had the basic private pool at Ojo Caliente.  They
have several outdoor pools with different minerals, mud baths,
massages, and way more.

“Ojo Caliente” literally
translates to “hot eye.”  I didn’t find anything about why it was
called that, although I suspect the “hot” refers to the hot mineral
water coming from the ground, with the “eye” part probably a Native
American reference.