Dia de los muertos–Day of the Dead

Halloween takes on a whole new flavor.
Actually, Halloween here is just like any other place–costumes,
trick-or-treating, haunted houses, the works.  It’s the day after
that’s important.  November 1st is Dia de los Muertos:  the Day of the

People put up altars in
their homes with a photo of the deceased person and surround it with
candles and items particular to that person.  Can you guess what was
important in this lady’s life?


Friends and family come to visit and bring marigolds, the traditional flower, to put on the altars.


year Santisima, a shop here in Old Town, hosted a Dia de los Muertos
festival with a parade, food, music and lots of decorations.  Here are
three of the big parade characters in costume.  They’re about eight or
nine feet tall.  You can see a little kid standing between two of them.

hadn’t realized that people who attend a Dia de los Muertos party dress
up, too, but it’s all in black to look like dead people.