pumpkin, pumpkin, on the wall

Once my squash and lemon cucumber vines started growing, this vine was taking off across the driveway, much longer than the other vines.  I just gathered it up and tossed it over the wall, just as I would throw the tail of a really long scarf over my shoulder.  I thought it was a lemon cucumber vine but didn’t really look at it closely.

Now it’s hanging down clear to the ground on the other side of the wall and this started growing.  Well, maybe it’s one of those strange little round squashes?  After all, I did get a random mix of squash seeds in the packet, called “Summer of Squash.”  (I don’t think I’ll do a seed mix again.)

Then it started turning orange and I looked at the leaves.  Surprise!  It’s a little pumpkin!  Since it didn’t get big before turning color, it’s probably one of those little sugar pumpkins.

“Life is like a box of chocolates–you just never know what you’re gonna get.”